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4 Things to Bring With You to Enjoy Any Sporting Event

 4 Things to Bring With You to Enjoy Any Sporting Event Perbesar

How ‘bout them Cowboys?! As pre-season gets into full swing and America gears up for the upcoming football season, sports fans are prepping their barbecues and coolers for tailgating and partying to celebrate the country’s most popular sport.

Indeed, the end of summer is signaled by cooler weather, the start of football and the close of baseball, as it heads into the home stretch for the playoffs. Wherever your sports heart lies—be it with football, baseball, basketball or hockey—there’s a code of conduct when you’re supporting your favorite team at the next home game. In fact, there’s an unspoken rule for fans everywhere: Be passionate about your team, but not obnoxious.

To ensure your next trip to the arena, stadium or ballpark is as relaxing and successful as ever, here are some key items to bring:

• Alcohol and sports go hand in hand, and no one is disputing that. So, enjoy a nice, tall beer and some good-natured ribbing with your fellow fans, but remember to be a good sport and be respectful of your stadium neighbor(s).

• Pack binoculars and seat cushions. Not only will you be comfortable, but you’ll be able to see the action, plays and players so close, it will be as if you were on the field.

• Bring some snacks and drinks. Many venues allow this, and you’ll save a ton of green by packing your own.

• Don’t forget your spittoon. Being at an arena or stadium crammed shoulder to shoulder with someone can be uncomfortable and leave you exposed, to say the least. If you’re a smokeless tobacco user, there’s even less chance for you take a “dip” and spit.

That is, unless you own a portable spittoon created by Atlanta-based FLASR. These new 4-ounce pocket-sized spittoons are designed for users to easily open and close with just one hand, making them ideal items to bring to the next sports event or any other public setting so you can privately enjoy your tasty tobacco. Another advantage to the FASR flask is its advanced closing mechanism that ensures it stays securely closed when not in use, eliminating the risk of any messy spills or leaks.

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